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We are Samara (on the left) and Toni (on the right). Harry, in the middle with the epic hair, is one of the many chickens we have here in our chicken sanctuary.

About us

We are both passionate about natural products, that are kind to our skin, kind to the planet, and kind to animals. We believe that we don't have to compromise on our values in order to have wonderful personal care products that really genuinely work. 

We are both registered nurses, with more years in the health sector than we'd care to admit, and needed a deodorant that aligned with our values but that actually worked, for the whole day, in full PPE, without the need to reapply. That is what we have produced. Our bicarb free deodorants are silky smooth, no graininess at all, and glide on your skin leaving it soft and smooth. The magnesium hydroxide (used in milk of magnesia) inhibits the bacteria that causes underarm odour, without the irritation often experienced with bicarb based natural deodorants, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh all day.

Our Chicken Sanctuary - hence the name Kissing Chickens.

Chickens come to us in all manner of circumstances such as ex-battery hen rescues (coordinated with the farmers), old hens no longer laying and so no longer wanted, injured or sick hens, roosters dumped in the bush, and hens that need a new home due to their current owner no longer being able to keep them due to a move or ill-health. In 2021 we coordinated the rescue and rehoming of 1600 hens, along with a bunch of ducks, geese, a pig named Pablo, and a female goat named Kevin. That was a wild weekend!

Over the years other animals have come to call the sanctuary home, such as turkeys, geese, ducks, cats, dogs, fish, and our beautiful pigs Jenny and Scott who now share this little part of North Queensland that we call home. 

We also support other chicken sanctuaries in Australia, through the sale of our mini tin Scent of if you would like to help them, you can by adding a mini Scent of Kindness to your order.

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